taco dip, anyone?

Last night, I was excited to try this recipe for Beefy Tacos, billed by the magazine I found it in as "a filling and healthy winter feast." Not only did it have all these great flavors in it (from the bottom, that's ground beef, vegetarian refried beans, salsa, diced jalapenos and shredded cheddar - almost like nachos!), but also...

...it was something I could make in my crockpot! Granted, there was the first step of browning the ground beef with onions and garlic, but after that, it was a mere matter of mixing it altogether in the crockpot and letting it simmer into deliciousness.

I wasn't a big fan of the corn tortillas that the recipe recommended (the flavor and texture just weren't right for me), but the taste of the taco filling was good...even better with some more cheese sprinkled on top, and some mashed avocado underneath. (Hmm. So much for healthy!)

One thing, though, that Wildcat Guy and I both agreed on was how juicy the filling was - juicy enough that this would make a much better dip (for tortilla chips, of course!) than it does tacos. I tested that theory out at lunch (even though all I had were club crackers), and it definitely worked well.

So while I'll stick to my simple, tried-and-true recipe for soft tacos, I have my fingers crossed that someone invites us to a Super Bowl party of some kind, because this would be perfect.

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