my new favorite pancakes

For the past few years, when I've wanted pumpkin pancakes, I used a Semi-Homemade recipe that was sufficient. The flavor was pretty mild, especially if I wanted a dousing of maple syrup, but it worked decently enough that I kept it. So, a couple of weeks back, I was pretty curious to see how this other recipe I'd found would compare...

....especially since it started from scratch (not from Bisquick) and involved whole wheat flour.

As a side note, I should also mention - for anyone like me who has no experience making "flax eggs" - that, when purchasing the ground flax the recipe calls for, you should read the bag carefully. Otherwise, you wind up with seeds that are very much not ground and you ruin the whole vegan-ness of the recipe by using a real egg as a substitute. (How's that for ironic?!) Sigh.

In addition to being curious about the recipe, I was also excited. Because not only did the recipe have a whole cup of pumpkin in it, but it also had some of my favorite spices. (Normally, I use all these spices to turn pumpkin into a delicious pumpkin pie, so knowing they were reuniting as pancakes made me drool a little.)

I must warn you, though - this recipe makes a lot of pancakes. We ended up with close to two dozen - which suited me fine, because I have a strange liking for leftover pancakes and use them like toast and spread Nutella on them - but if that sounds like a bit more than you're interested in, you might consider halving the recipe.

Mmmm. Standing next to the griddle while the pancakes cooked, I could smell the pumpkin-spice combination working its magic. (I promise - no drool was spilled onto the griddle.)

And to be honest, I'm not sure why I was worried about preserving the vegan-ness of the pancake recipe when I was going to serve the pancakes with sausages on the side anyways.

I had originally planned to make a quick trip to the grocery store to get turkey bacon...but then, on a whim, I stopped in a local shop that carries pork products from a local farm and saw these breakfast sausages. The ingredient list looked perfect - pork, salt, and sage. Nothing else. So I enlisted Wildcat Guy's help in heating these up in a skillet.

Sigh. Just looking at this picture makes me drool again. The pancakes had a lovely flavor that stood up to (and complemented) the taste of the maple syrup - there was no doubt that these had pumpkin in them! - and the sage in the sausages was so tasty. (Why has it taken me this long to find out that I like sage-seasoned pork??) This was such a delicious meal!

So it's with a twinge of regret that I announce that I have a new favorite pumpkin pancake recipe. (I'm not even going to keep the other one!) Considering how easy these were to put together, I really liked the opportunity to start from scratch.

Now I just have to remember to pick up some ground flax seed to try.

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