"make new friends"...scrapbooking!

A couple of months ago, while I was at a bazaar of local businesses, I met a Creative Memories consultant who lives nearby...which I was excited about, because it meant the possibility of going to crops that are even closer than the "local" scrapbook store I usually drive to.

Tonight, I got to attend my first crop at her house...which also meant using the new scrapbook tote Wildcat Guy gave me for Christmas.

Using a new tote is always an interesting endeavor, since it means having to figure out new ways to pack my supplies...but I was also happy to see that this two-sided easel display would hold so many items.

Next month, when I go to an all-day event in Ohio, I anticipate this being much fuller...but today's crop was only four hours, so I packed lightly.

The page I was looking forward to making turned out even more beautifully than I thought it could!I was very pleased with the way the patterns and accents blended together and made the picture look even more special than it did on its own.

And that zipper? Fit in perfectly. It doesn't open and close as smoothly as I think it should (closing it was quite an undertaking!), but once I've put the journaling into the space underneath the photo, I don't anticipate the zipper being used much anyways. All in all, it came together so simply.

This page, on the other hand, took quite a while to get laid out...mainly because I wanted to make sure that the Spanish phrases that were part of the pattern stayed visible in at least one spot.

These little phrases  were why I wanted to buy the paper in the first place - why I wanted to match these photos with this paper - so I couldn't very well cover them up! The phrases also made choosing a title really difficult, as I wavered between English and Spanish, then had to enlist Baker Blonde's help with the translation of my eventual title.

Once I got the lay-out just right, I also had a bit of fun playing with the text. Normally, I don't like drawing letters - but these turned out alright.

It was amusing to realize that I was working on two layouts of the same little girl - this one, about two years earlier, when she was just a little baby herself.  I didn't get a chance to complete the text at the crop, so I filled that in later, when I got home.

When I got back from the crop, I stopped at the staff office to say hi to my staff, one of whom is also a scrapbooker. As she was looking at the pages I'd made, she commented that my pages looked so creative compared to what she does...which was sweet of her to say, but which also prompted me to pull this last page out. Because sometimes, I go for creative...and other times, I opt for the simplest layout possible. Would I say this is one of my favorite designs? No. But it captures the important stuff, and that's good enough for me.

All in all, I was so happy to have time this afternoon to crop with a new friend and to get some pages finished. Although I won't shop from her much (since I plan to continue buying my Creative Memories supplies from Faithful Blonde), I am thrilled to have someone to scrapbook with from time to time, and I look forward to visiting her again.

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