this week was good because of... a holiday dinner for my staff - the perfect excuse to use the silverware.

...lovely holiday napkins with a teal color that matches my plates perfectly (and yes, that's why I chose these particular napkins).

...sitting with my love at the kitchen counter to eat lunch on Friday and being grateful that, even when we're both having a bad day, we can offer thanks to God for the food before us and the love between us. chocolate cupcakes (and all the other delicious food I made).

...the ease and comfort I found in baking and cooking on Friday afternoon.

...formally announcing to my colleagues and student staff that there is officially an expiration date on my time in my current position.

...celebrating Wildcat Guy's last assignment for his bachelor's degree. (Only his internship stands between him and graduation!)

...lunch with colleagues (and happy to resume doing this after a few weeks of not).

...relief that Gru likes the new prescription food he's on.

...getting to take a tour of the under-construction new residence hall.

...the simple technique of using cookies to show appreciation.

...student staff who are capable and successful in their own capacity.

...the continuing arrival of Christmas cards in my mailbox.

...catching the office mouse. (Okay, I didn't catch him - but I was happy to document it.)

...letting myself have an afternoon of lazy, fairly unproductive lounging.

...balancing the couch-centered physical laziness of yesterday afternoon with some time for mental refreshment and calm at Starbucks this afternoon.

...taco cornbread pizza - a nice alternative to soft tacos.

...finally feeling familiar with the layout of the newly-renovated grocery store (because grocery shopping takes so frustratingly long when I feel lost).

...creamy, flavorful artichoke rice salad - a great side dish for pork chops (and probably other things, too).

...this well-considered reflection on finding a balance between doing things for your partner and being with your partner.

...the amusement of watching Gru's stubbornness. He really (really!) didn't want to leave his cozy spot on the bed, to the point that I had to actually turn the vacuum cleaner on before he darted off.

...the official end of the Fall semester (with only five days of work until my own winter break begins!).

What made your week good?

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