creamy and shrimpy delicious

This recipe for "quick shrimp chowder" is one that I've had stashed in my "recipes to try" folder for years - eight, to be specific.  For a while, it was stuck there because I didn't have a Dutch oven (or any other heavy pot that seemed good for soup-making). Then, more recently, I just hadn't gotten around to it.

But Sunday? I got around to it. With the cooler temperatures slowly coming in, a thick, creamy soup sounded delightful; and the shrimp seemed like just enough of a something extra to give it some heft.

The recipe calls for ground red pepper...which I didn't have.  So I substituted some Old Bay (which has ground red pepper in it), figuring that would be a nice flavor.  I actually didn't find the flavor very strong in the finished soup, so I might try using more the next time.

Because there will, indeed, be a next time.  This was a delicious soup - exactly what I'd hoped for when I made it - that, while not full of Old Bay flavor, had plenty of richness in it and just the right amount of shrimpy flavor.  With a salad and slices of asiago sourdough bread on the side, it was a wonderful meal.

Even better, there were plenty of leftovers - enough that, after Wildcat Guy and I enjoyed this for dinner, I had three separate lunches from it, as well.  Just enough to be happy with.

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