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(While I don't consider myself a super-political person, I found myself a bit more engaged in the elections this year, mentally, so I was interested in seeing Time magazine's wrap-up.)
(These numbers - of how much money was spent on the two main campaigns - is, for lack of a more constructive word, disgusting.  That's $2 billion that could have done so much good!)
(This, on the other hand, is pure delight.  No couple is perfect, but to see the love and support these two share is such encouragement - as is the love and support between the Romneys.)
(This was a fun photographic journey through the election!)
(I missed the convention on TV, but I like this excerpt.)
(I think it's a sad comment that, in providing simple praise for a politician on the other side of the aisle, someone would "infuriate" those within his own party.  Why?!?!?!)
(No!  Let's not! Even though this was an interesting feature - with some beautiful portraits - I am just not ready to think about the next election.  Not yet.)

source: the 11 November edition of Time

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