this week was good because of...

...Thanksgiving with Wildcat Guy and his family.

...the joy and love in Wildcat Dad's list of what he was thankful for.

...gorgeous mild weather for the holiday.

...meeting his cousin and seeing their farm.

...second helpings of my two favorite holiday foods: pumpkin pie and simple stuffing (or as his family calls it, dressing).

...time with our nephew.

...a Thanksgiving celebration almost entirely free of drama. cute Gru is, even when he's doing something he's not supposed to (like sleeping on my pillow).

...a red velvet crinkle cookie from Panera, with cream cheese-flavored chips and a perfect layer of powdered sugar on the outside.

...having a mutual day off - and making the most of it!

...the fun birthday card I made for Baker Blonde - because even if I couldn't bake a real cake for her on her birthday (being that she lives ten hours away), I could still send her one.

...a super-productive Sunday that involved getting lots of little things done, yet also relaxing and savoring the last day of the holiday weekend.

...enough Thanksgiving leftovers for each of us to have a very full dinner plate on Friday.

...Wildcat Guy deciding that we should bring leftovers home with us so that I didn't have to cook.

...a neat picture on my way home from work on Wednesday - and a pretty start to a four-day holiday weekend.

...exchanging corny jokes with my staff.

...the productive quiet that settles into the office on the afternoon before a holiday begins.

...letting myself have one of those moments in which, in the midst of a busy day, a plate of sweet potato tater tots sounds like a perfectly reasonable dinner.

...the first trailer for a movie that looks very intriguing.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: just finished A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay


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