the perks of a kitchen, part 2

So I talked previously about the cooking I did while on vacation (or in the case of doughnuts, the cooking I did in preparation for our vacation).  There were two dishes, in particular, that I was happy about - chicken fried rice, and chocolate peanut butter doughnuts.

Sure, there are simpler dinners to cook while on vacation - especially when it comes to ingredients - but after finding this recipe on one of my favorite food blogs (from one of her friends), I really wanted to try it...and it seemed like a recipe that would be tasty and filling.

I realized after the fact that I should have cut the chicken thinner than I did, in smaller pieces, but besides that, it cooked easily (and with great spices).

Something else I liked about this recipe was its use of brown rice (v. white).  So add "healthy" to the list of adjectives describing why I found this appealing..."versatile," because of the recipe's instructions to use any blend of vegetables...and while we're at it, let's put "fun" on there, too.  This is the first time I've made fried rice, and using the rice-veggie blend to create a bowl in which to scramble the egg was a bit amusing.

And the final result was delicious! In fact, with so many vegetables in the mix - including edamame - I'd be inclined to try this without the chicken.  Add a glass of Riesling, and it was a really wonderful dinner - made even better by having it on vacation.

The next morning, it was equally delightful to eat the doughnuts I'd made - chocolate peanut butter doughnuts from another favorite food blog.

Yes.  Chocolate and peanut butter.  It's a chocolate batter into which you blend peanut butter melted with butter.  Drool.

I wasn't trying to get the look, but the yin and yang-ish shape here seems appropriate!  Granted, I'm always a fan of the chocolate-peanut butter combination, but I was looking forward to trying it in doughnut form.

The batter was so thick that I was tempted to dig in with a spoon - but I was good and all of the batter ended up being baked in the doughnut pan.

Normally, I would have iced the doughnuts the same day I made them, but I was pretty sure that would make for messy traveling - so I took the icing (a delightful mix of peanut butter, powdered sugar and vanilla) in a separate container to pour on the doughnuts when we were ready to eat them.  Mmmm, mmmm.  I could have eaten the entire batch in one sitting!

Both of these recipes were so good!  I am very much looking forward to enjoying them again at home, and am so happy I took the effort to do some cooking while we were on vacation.

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