baked fritters are grate!

I have to admit - I was very thankful to have Wildcat Guy around to grate the vegetables for the baked sweet potato potato and zucchini fritters that I made last Friday.  Because that's definitely a cooking task that I endure more than I like.

Plus, having my sous chef on hand means "grater" efficiency (sorry, I couldn't resist) - while he was grating veggies, I was making the mix that would bind all those little pieces into something cohesive.

Yep - more than four cups of veggie goodness waiting to become fritters.  Grating aside, this was super-easy to mix together.

When reading the recipe, I didn't think that half-cup scoops sounded very big.  Wrong.  This is where I really appreciate Averie's practical instructions, because had she not shared the dimensions of the fritters she made, I would have worried these were much larger than they needed to be.

Mmmm, mmmm.  Something else I appreciate about her recipes is the flexibility.  I didn't have any chipotle seasoning, and with so many spice mixes already hanging out in my cupboard, I wasn't thrilled about adding yet another to the collection.  So I opted for a zesty garlic herb seasoning instead, which made these a delicious complement for tomato soup.  Not as good as a grilled cheese sandwich, but a fun substitute to try out.  So we'll definitely have these again in the future - with something else.

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