two-page tuesday

Tonight, I had two goals - to get some scrapbooking done and to watch a movie that I've had from Netflix for waaaay too long.  So it was scrapbooking in the living room again!

I try not to make many pages that only have one photo.  For me - for how I document life in my albums - it seems a bit wasteful.  However, it sometimes happens that I have just one photo for something that I really want to scrapbook.  Such was the case with this page, for which I'd used an offer for free 8x10 prints.


For this page, on the other hand, I was more focused on what I wanted the page to convey...especially in the journaling.  I ended up going with a simple list, and that (combined with my favorite pictures from that hike) was perfect.  I was also pleased with how the little accents turned out - like the little flower in the O of "love."  That's not something I do often, but it looks good.

And one advantage to scrapbooking on the couch?  Simultaneously snuggling with Gru on a chilly night.  It was delightful.  (As was the movie!)

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What I'm reading: The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George


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