torn out: from weddings

 (When the wedding arrives next year, I will miss reading this magazine every quarter. You know, because I've only been reading it for two years.)

 (There's a little too much detail and frill on this dress...but the general look - of simple lines and layers of lace - is wonderful.)

(Hmm.  Is it bad that the thing I'm least excited about in this contest is the dress?)
(It was neat to see another invitation suite in kraft paper.)
(There was a great article about the groom's rings that I pulled out for Wildcat Guy.)
(Oooo, those look delicious!)
(These phyllo cups sound delicious, too.)
(A couple of weeks ago, I would have read this and had no clue what Kirna Zabete's line looked like.  But this past Saturday, I found the cutest dress in her Target line!)

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings
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