this week was good because of...

...the pleasant surprise of wearing my new sundress from one of my favorite retail lines for the first time (because who would have thought I'd have need for sundresses and sandals in late October?!)

...a lovely campus production of "Alice in Wonderland" - complete with hedgehog.

...Wildcat Guy - who puts up with me when I'm cranky, takes good care of our kitty-cat when I'm gone, and who does delightful things like bring me flowers when I get back from a weekend away and offer me a soothing neck massage when I really need one.

...spending the weekend with Faithful Blonde, her husband and their two kids.

...the opportunity to love these children and be part of their childhood memories. traveling - especially on Friday, in rainy rush-hour traffic.

...a Girls' Night Out that started with dinner at an Italian restaurant I'd never heard of - but definitely want to return to in the future...

...the time we passed with hot drinks at Starbucks and the best types of good conversation.

...seeing a movie that turned out to be more entertaining and enjoyable than I expected (especially the part where the main female character auditions using a backbeat that she created by playing the cup game).

...getting to help Faithful Blonde with some crafts and party preparations ahead of the fall party they hosted this afternoon.

...the energy to keep up with all the kids and meet their parents.

...beautiful autumn days around campus that even the squirrels seem to find relaxing.

...these inspiring and heart-warming expressions of gratitude for loved ones - especially the compliments and praise for her husband.

...the blanket of leaves that descended as the week went on. colleague complimenting the pumpkin Bundt cake I made this week with this comment: "No one brings together the beauties of chocolate and pumpkin quite as well as you!!!"

...a tasty morning pick-me-up, courtesy of the campus cafe which now sells doughnuts from the higly esteemed local bakery.

...lots of quietness in the office.

...successfully asking awkward questions of my student staff (and their patience when I do).

What made your week good?

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