this week was good because of...


...time relaxing with my sweet kitty, Gru.

...serving as a judge for the campus debate tournament.

...the return of pumpkin pie frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf.

...a weekend at home - it may not have been as active as I'd have liked, but it turned out okay.

...a lovely day celebrating the beautiful autumn colors.

...sunshine and mild temperatures for a morning hike up the mountain.

...using leftovers wi$ely (and deliciously).

...candid, compassionate conversations with my student staff about improving the quality and focus of their work.


...having lunch with a friend, her three-week old baby and her staring cat.

...feeling great about catching up on email and other tasks this week.

...trying a new recipe that combines the awesome flavors of pumpkin and chocolate.

...the awesome opportunity to be a guest blogger for an online friend half a world away.

...getting photos and all the "stuff" organized for last year's December Daily album.

...a cup of chai using one of the tea bags from Baker Blonde.

...having a "9 am on Saturday" work obligation cancelled - which meant the opportunity to sleep in.

...a quiet Friday-night, Chick-fil-a takeout dinner with Wildcat Guy - including a delightful brownie (with chocolate chips!).

...hearing his stories and seeing his pictures from a conference he attended.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: The Sisters by Nancy Jensen


Thank you for your wonderful guest post, Lee!
Your photos always make my mouth water, half a world away...
Kat xx
Lee said…
Ha! My friend, Baker Blonde, always comments that she has to make sure she's eaten before she reads my blog or my monthly photo albums on Shutterfly. Having all the food pictures started as a fluke, but now it's kind of fun to go with. =)

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