oh, sweet strawberries!

Tonight, I needed to make a birthday cake for one of my students.  Now, he'd asked for a strawberry shortcake - but I was a little short on time, so I did some browsing online and realized I could do something similar with an angel food cake and sugared strawberries.

Except that, even though "sugared strawberries" sounded straightforward enough, I wasn't entirely sure I knew what that meant.  Thanks to this simple recipe, now I do.

 (Start with sliced strawberries in a container you can put a lid on.)

 (Cover them in sugar.)

 (Put the lid on, and gently shake the container until the strawberries are evenly coated.)

 (Leave the container in the fridge for a while - for me, this was overnight - and then eat one and delight in the tasty balance between tart and sweet.)

(As simple as the strawberries were to make, it was very - very! - difficult to spoon them onto a cake that I was giving away.  But I did it...and it looked beautiful.)

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