last-minute linguine

In my weekly meal plan, I hadn't expected us to be home tonight.  But then our plans changed and instead of being in Lexington, we were at home.  Then, to make it even more interesting, since I have a trip to the grocery store planned for tomorrow, I didn't have a ton of available meal options on hand to work with. Yet I did have some shrimp in the freezer, and my initial thought was to throw together a quick shrimp stir-fry.  All I'd need to go get at the store was a can of water chestnuts. 

Stir-fry just sounded okay, I flipped through my folder of "recipes I want to try" and found something that sounded better than okay: linguine with shrimp, artichokes and crispy bread crumbs.  It would only require two items from the store, and on a chilly October evening, a plate of pasta was very appealing.  So off to the store I went to get the last couple of ingredients.  (Okay, I may have also picked up a bagged salad and sliced cheesecake to round out the meal...I couldn't resist.)

The end result?  Yum!  For simplicity, I left out the whole "crispy bread crumbs" part - and I don't know if I'll ever try it with them - but there's still a great blend of flavors in this.  I would highly recommend this, and even Wildcat Guy agreed that it's a "make again" kind of dish.

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett


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