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 (Ah, the Fall Fashion issue - always thickly full of ad after ad after ad of beautiful clothes I adore, but will never be able to afford.)

(Like this gorgeous dress.  Such wonderful colors!)
(And this dress - sigh.  I don't even know what occasion you wear a dress like this to, but absolutely gorgeous - and with the perfect pair of shoes!)
(Speaking of shoes - how crazy are these?!  While I'm considering purple heels for the big day, I think these would be a little much.  Or rather, I think these would be a bit too fabulous for the type of feel I'm going for.)
(When I worked at a Lilly Pulitzer store, I was always amazed at how much women would pay for children's clothes there.  But wow!  This takes that concept to a whole new level.)
(Darn sideways picture.  I think this jacquard coat from Ann Taylor - with a black and blue leopard print -is fantastic.  I would so wear this!)

(I have no idea if this dress would even be flattering - but ooo, I would love to try.)
(What an awesome tag line!)
(I don't really remember the last time I had bangs - maybe in 2002? - but I definitely remember that one of my least favorite things about that hairstyle is how annoying the bangs got when they needed a trim.  But with this handy tool, I might be willing to reconsider.)
(I like the shape.  I like the color.  I don't like the price.)
(Oh, this is a style I've always fact, in college, I had a wonderful pair of black lace-up heels that I wore until they fell apart.  For the past few years, I've been looking for a new pair - but with no success.  Maybe this season...)
(These sweaters are amazing...the shoes are delightful...and there's something about this entire picture that is appealing and stunning.)

source: September 2012 issue of InStyle magazine

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