this week was good because of...

...celebrating my 34th birthday with dinner on the patio at one of my favorite restaurants.

...the big hug he gave me when he picked me up at the airport this afternoon. absolutely amazing birthday gift from Wildcat Guy.

...kind and thoughtful birthday texts, calls and messages from friends and family.

...waking up to birthday balloons in North Carolina.

...that hilarious moment when I know my staff are planning something for my birthday...and they know I know...but we pretend that nothing's going on.

...spending lots of fun girl time with Baker Blonde.

...the wonderful memories I share with her, and the friendship we have maintained over time and distance.

...having lots of fun with her two adorable daughters.

...a very busy and energy-intense three-day work week that made it possible to go out of town for four days with little to worry about in my absence.

...a relaxing afternoon at the Creek with Granny and her ice cream cones.

...this behind-the-scenes trailer for Les Miserables (which only makes me want to see it more)...and this trailer for a movie I'd heard nothing about, but am now very intrigued by.

...the opportunity to pay my respects.

...morning walks with Baker Blonde... balance out all the delicious treats we enjoyed during my visit.

...a girls' lunch at my friend's house to visit with her and her newborn.

...a delightfully fun birthday card for my Grandpa. afternoon of college football, made even more interesting when all three of us were concerned with different games. total amusement with these super-cute Little People characters. unexpected, quite flattering invitation to guest-blog during Blogtoberfest.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: (nothing at the moment)


Very much looking forward to your guest post, lovely one! :-)
Kat xx

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