this week was good because of...

...awesome finds at Half-Price Books (including a cookbook both useful and sentimental).

...a relaxing day of errands, pampering and shopping in Lexington.

...celebrating the arrival of a friend's baby boy.

...a few snuggles with that same baby boy when we visited at the hospital.

...taking advantage of a sale, frequent-shopper reward and frequent-shopper discount to get an awesome deal on my cosmetics order.

...the last touches on my secret scrapbooking project!

...challah bread (!) made into coffee cake french toast.

...having enough time today to read - an entire book.

...a successful attempt at faux buttermilk.

...this really wi$e quote from a new blog on my reading list: "spending less money on things and more money on experiences."

...the arrival of slipper weather.

...a great conversation with a former student about her next steps, career-wise.

...cobbling together a satisfying lunch from a bunch of leftovers and snack foods. (With two trips in the next two weeks, I'm trying to eat up the groceries in the fridge and cupboard.)

...facilitating a mediation for two roommates struggling through some issues.

...snuggling with Gru - especially in the cooler weather.

...a successful training for our high-level judicial hearing body.

...a new made-from-scratch recipe for yummy chicken stirfry from a well-done cookbook I read some months ago.

...feeling like the effort I put into crafting my schedule for this semester is paying off - especially when it comes to the concept of margin.

...the delightful, perfectly-sized key lime tart that Wildcat Guy and I shared after dinner on Thursday night.

...a useful technique that I found on Pinterest for storing t-shirts in the dresser.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz


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