this week was good because of...

...the return of my favorite apples to the grocery store. (Fall has officially begun!)

...working on lots of different photo and scrapbooking projects.

...a weekday lunch with Wildcat Guy.

...the news of a Christmas album from one of my favorite bands. envelope of coupons from my grocery store of choice personalized to my shopping preferences.  (We'll talk about the whole privacy and information tracking concerns some other time.)

...having a moment of understanding in which I think I can empathize with a colleague's frustrations and consternations.

...playing rummy on a Friday evening.

...the trailer for an intriguing foreign film with an actor whose work I enjoy.

...Gru playing with discarded strips of paper.

...getting my truck back (again) - and feeling like it's finally fixed.

...a couple of good, productive afternoons with a rhythm of, "check, check, check" as I mark things off my to-do list. first walk in the new sneakers, which fit really well and are very comfortable to walk in - when I lace them up properly.

...the VP of my division saying "very nice" about a new training initiative I created. amazing concert by super-talented and personable musicians with such a stunningly broad repertoire.  (Here is one of the songs they played.)

...a lazy Saturday morning curled up on the couch watching a ridiculously corny movie on TV.

...chocolate pudding from the campus cafe.  Always a delicious afternoon treat!

...getting my first birthday present (from Wildcat Mom).

...dinner with the in-laws.

What made your week good?

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Hya Lee,
Hope you don't mind me contacting you via comments! I don't have your email address.
Thank you so much for cheering me on as I step into the director's chair for Blogtoberfest12! I am so excited, and a little daunted but mainly thrilled to have this amazing opportunity.
Hey, I was wondering if you would be interesting in contributing a guest post? You always inspire me with your beautiful words and fabulous projects, and I am really keen to share the love!
All I'd need from you would be a photo and a couple of sentences: something to inspire participants in their quest to blog each day. It could be a creative challenge, your favourite blogging tip, an idea, a quote you love, whatever.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Of course, if it's not good timing or you're not keen to guest post for whatever reason (I know that internet access can be a challenge for you at times), absolutely no offence will be taken. :-)
Take care,
Kat xxx

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