two-page tuesday - on wednesday

As the semester gets underway, I basically have two goals - to recover from the crazy energy drain of the past couple weeks, and to begin finding my rhythm for the Fall semester.  Which meant that last night, when I'd planned to make birthday cards, I took a nap instead.  So I played...I mean, made cards tonight.

 Up first was a birthday card for a wonderful little girl who just turned four.  Okay, so maybe this isn't a standard choice for a four-year old, but the theme of her birthday party was princesses...

 ...and I thought this looked pretty and princess-y when it was all put together.  If nothing else, it has her name on it in pretty letters.  (And on a side note - look, I used Paint to block out letters digitally, instead of using scrap paper in the actual photo!  Don't judge me.)

 The second card was for the four-year old's sweet little sister, who is turning two next week.  For her, I chose something a little more traditional, supply-wise.

 I was super happy with how this one turned out, too.

 My last effort for the night was trying to find a good paper from Mom to use as a mat for two of her wedding pictures.  When we looked at one of the craft stores, they didn't have anything suitable, color-wise; but I was pretty sure I had something in my supply.

However, I don't know that I love the paper I was thinking of.  The browns are right, and the palm-esque fronds in the pattern would be appropriate...but it needs more of a dark green in it.  I may have to explore at the local shop when I'm there on Saturday.  But just to help Mom, of course.

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