this week was good because of... first trip to the State Fair - made even better with his company.

...the perfect exclamation point to a great summer.

...a good opening act that I had never heard of (but now I want to own their music).

...floor seats that were close enough, but not so close that it was impossible to talk.

...a really fun concert by a much-liked band.

...hearing a mix of their current music (the stuff that's been released on CD), their upcoming music and their takes on other people's music.

...meandering through the arts and crafts competitions. (How cute is the bunny on this quilt?!)

...not rushing to get through anything. (This is huge for me.)

...the cases displaying the entries in the culinary competitions.

...seeing the perfect wedding cake (down to the colors and the flowers).

...a cute animated sequel that made a fun follow-up to the original.

...indulging in fair food. Because how can I go to the fair and not eat funnel cake? (And if it looks like an odd color, that's because it's not just funnel cake - it's red velvet funnel cake.  Complete with melted cream cheese frosting.)

...laughing when I found out that a very similar picture of Baker Blonde was taken at a concert she went to on Friday night.

...naps in the afternoons when I get home from work (especially when I can lounge on the couch with my love).

...having Wildcat Guy's expertise in the cattle barn...and seeing how he misses that.

...a second chance to take some cattle pictures after realizing that my camera was on the wrong ISO setting.  Grr.

...the ability to recognize when I need some quiet alone time at work. awesome porch that makes a great spot for said quiet alone time.

...spending a Saturday scrapbooking.

...trying out this whole Smash Book concept.

...Mom & Dad letting us use some of their timeshare points to take a mini-vacation in November.

...testing out the idea of baking bacon.  Nice!

...finding shoes for the Fourth of July. On the clearance rack.

...Wildcat Guy's comment on Saturday night that I looked "unwound" - which felt good to hear (especially since "getting away" and "relaxing" were my two main goals on Saturday after a hectic, stressful opening week). students being eager to share their accomplishments with me.

...letting myself have extra snooze time on a few mornings...especially when I get to snuggle with my sweet kitty cat.

...a genuine conversation with two of my veteran staff that allowed us to discuss solutions for a problem that had come up and still commiserate with humor.

...working in an environment where students feel comfortable finding their true selves (and a well-done article reminding me of the value in that).

...signing the College Colors Day pledge.

...Wildcat Guy starting his last semester of classes.

...demonstrating patience and care instead of frustration.

What made your week good?

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