date night: paying off his debts

When Wildcat Guy and I were in Gatlinburg a couple of months back, we'd played a round of miniature golf - a round that I won.  Which meant that I also won the bet we'd placed on the round, stating that the loser would treat the winner to a "dinner and a movie" night of the winner's choice.

Last night, it was time to claim my prize!

My choice for dinner was the local Greek restaurant.  I feel like I could eat there every week and be happy!  In lieu of the gyro sandwich and fries that I typically get, last night I chose the beef and lamb shawarma, with a side of rice.  De. Licious.  And I really like the portion sizes here - they're either just right, or I have a small serving left over, depending on how much I want to eat.

After dinner, but before the movie, I also got to claim another debt that Wildcat Guy owed me.  Earlier this summer, he'd forgotten his watch at my apartment; and in order for me to return it to him, he agreed to an ice cream ransom.  So last night, he took care of that, too.  Brownie Batter frozen yogurt with peanut butter cups - it tasted wonderful.

And finally, it was off to the movies we went.  Picking a movie that would be "my" choice was a bit difficult, because he and I have similar tastes in movies...but ultimately, I went with this sweet film that looked a bit chick-y and feel-good.  I think he would have watched it with me anyways, but we might have waited until it came out on DVD.  So it felt like a good "prize movie."

As a bonus, he arranged for us to have the theater all to ourselves!  Okay, not really...but it was definitely fun to have an unexpected private showing.

So he's happy to have all his debts paid off, and we were both happy to have such a fun date night.  A win-win situation all around.

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