this week was good because of...


...confirming our wedding location (!).

...this beautiful reminder of what it means to marry someone.  I particularly like this thought - "my intentions and my actions support my marriage...together, we will protect our marriage, and our family."

...these savory doughnuts, which taste great with tomato soup.

...getting things crossed off my to-do list. much Kitty apparently likes my suitcase as a bed.

...whittling over 600 pictures from our trip to Gatlinburg down to 334.

...a beautiful afternoon at a local winery.

...the opening ceremonies of the Olympics - including this awesome entrance by the athletes competing under the Olympic flag (in itself a cool concept). "Olympic joy" indeed.

...tasting wine with Wildcat Guy, Mama Bear and Papa Bear, followed by an early dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

...the ease with which he gets along with my family.

...a lovely treat on a Saturday afternoon.

...finally seeing the end of the trilogy. (And I realize it sounds weird to say "finally" when the movie's only been out a week...but with all the press and reviews I've read through, it feels like it's been out longer.)

...a fun standing poster for a movie that I'm actually considering seeing in 3D.

...finding ease in a pose I didn't expect would be as simple to hold as it was...and remembering the strength I feel in this pose.

...celebrating Miracle Treat Day with some colleagues.

...the flow I've found for getting online photo albums done.

...these lovely note cards in the dollar section at the craft store.

...a thoughtful reflection that points out a lot of the same concerns that I have about this whole chicken kerfuffle.

...the realization that foods I typically use as dinner sides make good snacks, too.

...relaxing with a fun and interesting movie on a Saturday morning.

What made your week good?

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