this week was good because of...

...a weekend getaway with Wildcat Guy and his family.

...experiencing more of their family dynamic and better understanding the differences in how his family travels v. how my family travels.

...remembering to be patient and flexible (and to say a prayer for more of both).

...the view of the Smoky Mountains from the balcony of our enormous cabin.

...mostly good weather....and not letting rain interfere with our plans when it arrived.

...watching heat lightning while curled into a rocking chair.

...enjoying some of the sights (and making plans for a weekend of our own). compatible our travel styles are (especially given our style differences when it comes to planning and scheduling).

...brief moments of snuggling with our nephew.

...glimpses of what the relationship might look like when we (eventually) add to the flock of Wildcat grandchildren.

...road-trip snacks.  Because smores mix?  Definitely works.

...finding a satisfying balance between eating smartly and enjoying vacation eats.

...quiet moments to relax and enjoy each other's company.

...being reminded of how well we understand each other.

...finding an awesome outlet store (and the unusual restraint I was able to show).

...winning a round of miniature golf (and getting a hole in one!). odd realization - in the middle of the golf course, no less - of just how extravagant American tourist culture can be.

...his patience with me when I need to vent.

...baking an old favorite to have as a cabin snack.

...confidence to be myself in the midst of personalities very different from mine.

...a thoughtful card from a former student full of beautiful sentiment.

...this wonderful wisdom for my heart.

...the first issue of my new (free!) magazine subscription.

...a well-done look back at Christopher Nolan's Batman saga.

...getting all ten things on Monday's to-do list done (and then some!).

...a lovely song - and the reminder of why pictures mean so much to me.

...fresh, ripe avocado smushed in soft tacos. interesting conversation with a colleague about interpersonal dynamics.

...slowly plodding my way through the files of photos from Cuba.

...a movie I'd heard nothing about, but now kinda want to see (especially with the very-talented ensemble cast).

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished the most recent issue of Wildcat Guy's Sports Illustrated


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