this week was good because of...

...a local craft festival with Mom and Dad.

...the wi$dom of looking and not buying.

...Wildcat Guy's affection for our kitty cat, and his help taking care of him.

...journaling and quiet time at Starbucks on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

...a Saturday to refresh myself - mentally and emotionally.

...roasted strawberry buttermilk cake. It doesn't look pretty, but it definitely tasted good.

...being enveloped in a big hug full of love on a bad day.

...using a gift card from Faithful Blonde to see a movie during a date night with my love.

..."40% off" coupons from Michael's.

...a new yoga class on campus that I really enjoyed.

...freshly made honey from Mom and Dad's bees.  Oh, and the cute little bear bottles they used.

...initial plans for co-hosting a friend's baby shower.

...seeing this toy at the store and finding it creatively amusing.

...successful efforts to get up earlier than usual in the mornings - an attempt to create a little more time for myself each day.

...a huge side of delicious zucchini from the "clearance" section at the grocery store.

...finishing the online photo album from our first day in Cuba.

...coming up with a fun idea for door decs for my student staff (to go with our Harry Potter theme for this year's training).

...gratitude that, even though I would rather not have to deal with some major car repairs (including transmission work - ugh!), I have the funds available to get them taken care of.

...surviving a week in which Gru was in bed before me.

...a "blast from the past" moment when I was helping at orientation check-in on Thursday night and one of my high school student council advisers walked in.

...finding out that Disney is making a new Oz movie...and the first trailer for it.

...a new recipe for cauliflower that turned out pretty good (and made good leftovers, too).

...lots of cooking and baking - with a relatively healthy, balanced approach.

...finding a website that seems practical and inspiring.

...the lovely invitation for a friend's September wedding. (Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope the airfare fairy helps me find a reasonable ticket for the trip.) adorable video that I will keep bookmarked for its "makes me happy" value.

...a successful first attempt at using jicama.

...Sesame Street's latest parody.  Gotta love the Cookie Monster!

...having someone (i.e. Wildcat Guy) who kindly but firmly reminds me of the importance of taking care of myself when I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

What made your week good?

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