two-page tuesday - the dads edition

Tonight I worked some wonderful scrap magic!  My plan for tonight was on the small scale - making Father's Day cards for my dad and for Wildcat Dad.

From this pile of pieces (from a line by my favorite scrapbook company), I had lots of fun mixing and matching - figuring out an interesting, appealing way to put small pieces together... create a simple, attractive card for Wildcat Dad.  Also attractive?  The kind way Wildcat Guy commented, "I like it," when I showed it to him.

Then it was on to the next assortment of pieces.  I knew I wanted to use the large circles (at the bottom) as the focal point, preferably with the help of some foam tape.  But from there, this one turned out to be harder to put together than the first one.  Hmm.

I was pleased with the end result, though...and think my dad will like it, too.

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