this week was good because of...

...getting my new camera bag organized for my upcoming trip.

...a morning walk with Wildcat Guy.

...the delicious midnight truffle Blizzard that Wildcat Guy brought me (to pay the ransom for his watch, which I was holding hostage).

...hearing a new Kelly Clarkson song, and finding so much truth in the line, "Everybody's got a dark side. Do you love me? Can you love mine?"

...finding a super-awesome reason to buy a Smash journal.

...the library finally having a copy of this book (that inspired the movie I liked so much) to check out.

...a delicious carrot cake recipe that uses baby food carrots (which thrills me because it means no chunky texture!).

...Saturday-afternoon shopping with a colleague-friend.  (It was nice to have a girls' evening!)

...a stunning dress that I couldn't resist purchasing, especially with JCPenney's new price structure. (It's this shirt, but in a full-length dress with a fullish A-line drape.)  I don't know what I'll wear it for...but I couldn't pass up how good I felt in it (or the look on Wildcat Guy's face when I tried it on for him at home).

...finding a pretty ring to wear in place of my engagement ring while I'm traveling.

...this super-awesome fun table that is so creative and unique.

...milk and cookies - especially when the cookies are homemade chocolate sandwich cookies with leftover ginger frosting.

...another relaxing Saturday at the local pool.  I always miss the beach and the coast, but this makes a decent substitute.

...chicken fajita nachos - and enough leftovers for not one, but two meals later.

...sharing laughter and jokes with my love.

...a tough but welcome reminder of how good a workout Pilates can be.

...getting to see the beautiful kitchen of one of my favorite food bloggers (and dreaming big dreams for my own kitchen one day).

...fresh ears of corn (picked out by Wildcat Dad) made into creamed corn.

...the ridiculous lightbulb moment in which I realized why pinning things on Pinterest is a better way to keep track of recipes and other ideas than bookmarking them in my internet browser.

...relief at confirming the transfer of my photos from Kodak Gallery to Shutterfly before I go on vacation (since I won't have email access while I'm gone). office "field trip" to Sonic's Happy Hour.

...chili cheese fries without the denseness of chili.  (Recipe courtesy of this amazing baker.) inspiring talk about compassion, which she defines as the moment we "dethrone ourselves from the center of our world and we put another person there." What a positive challenge!

...doing well this month at sticking to my pre-planned meal list.

...reliable old recipes and tasty new ones (yes, including the photos!).

What made your week good?

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