it's what it tastes like that counts, right?

(I was so excited to find this recipe for carrot cake - because as much as Wildcat Guy loves it, I really dislike the texture of most carrot cakes.  But this recipe?  Uses baby food carrots.  Nice.)

(Prep-wise, this batter is so easy.  Everything goes in one bowl for mixing.)
(See?  That creamy texture looks absolutely delightful.)
(The recipe calls for a three-layer cake; however, since I didn't have three cake pans of the same size, I improvised and made one two-layer cake for the office and one single-layer cake for home.)
(While I was making the batter, I had a moment of disbelief.  Could I really be making a Paula Deen cake with no butter??  Then I got to the frosting.  There's the butter!  One whole stick of one bar of cream cheese, a teaspoon of vanilla and an entire box of powdered sugar. Just a little sweet.)

(It took some effort, but I managed to get one of the layers out of the pan okay.  Note to self - when the recipe tells you to grease and flour the pan, do it.  Don't opt for the simple route, aka nonstick cooking spray.)

(Exhibit #1 - eek!)
(Thankfully, the pieces were large enough that I could assemble them well enough.)
(See?  You can't even tell!)
(Who could guess that the top layer is multiple pieces?!  The next day, the only reason my colleagues knew something was wrong was because I told them...and by "told," I mean warned that the top layer might fall apart as they cut or ate a slice.)
(And that third layer?  I just left it in the pan, frosted it and added a small embellishment before taking a teaser picture to send to Wildcat Guy.)

 (Hmmm...leftover frosting.  It seems shameful to throw that away.)

(I know!  I'll save it in a small bowl for some undetermined future use...and yes, that means I might possibly eat it with a spoon at some point.)
(Of course, before I took it to the office, I had to taste it.  Since it's a new recipe, you know.  All I can say is, "yum!"  This definitely goes into my recipe collection.)
(What is this?  Leftover cake?  Then again, I was the one who brought a cake to a half-empty office on a Friday afternoon.  Good thing we have an office fridge, because that was not coming home with me...not with a whole other cake in my fridge at home!  Thankfully, my colleagues and students finished it off this all I had to bring home was an empty plate.)

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