it's been a long week...

...or at least, it's felt that way.  In some ways, it was very productive; and yet in others, I feel like there's so much more I could have gotten done.  Bleh.  But these photos (a series from Sunday evening) make me feel better. 

Because, really, I find it entertaining to have a series of photos in which my kitty appears to be turning his back on me taking pictures of him. As if he's saying, "Seriously - enough of the camera."

The only thing that would make the beginning of the weekend more exciting is if I didn't have the on-call phone.  Fingers crossed that it never rings, so I can do my best to turn my own back on work and stress this weekend...or at the very least, focus my stress on the needs in my life, rather than in other people's.

Happy weekend to all!

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: A Year Without Made in China by Sara Bongiorni


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