(early edition) this week was good because of...

...a wonderful date night to see the new Pixar film.

...this cool first look at an adaptation of another Disney story.

...finding a plane ticket for my August trip to Orlando that was half of what I expected to pay - and non-stop, also.  Thank you, Airfare Fairy!

...sending some festiveness to Baker Blonde for her annual Fourth of July cookout (which I am heartbroken to miss this year!)

...the first picture of her daughters enjoying their festiveness.

...successfully updating my resume after four years of doing nothing with it. (NOT because I'm job-searching...but because I needed it as supporting documentation for my trip this week.)

...Gru's interest in unusual resting places.  (He blends right in, doesn't he?)

...this super-entertaining video of a handsome movie star showing off some back-in-the-day dance moves.  (C'mon - you remember these moves!)

...a light, tangy homemade pizza with artichoke hearts and mini-shrimp.

...posting an "out of office" message at the end of the work day on Friday.

...understanding why RedBox puts a notice on this movie that the DVD is supposed to look like that (because it really does look like someone just wrote on a CD with a Sharpie!).

...an intense movie that handles some difficult subject matter as tastefully as they could have.

...finding a book that will definitely last through my upcoming trip.

...Wildcat Guy's company while I ran errands this week.

...a web post that brought a huge smile to my face (and to my heart).

...a delightful idea for books in lieu of cards on a friend's baby shower invitation. (I had been seeing this a lot about this idea online recently, so it was interesting to receive the request.  I'll still send a card when the baby is born, but for the shower, I'm happy to oblige.)

...seeing a trailer for the second part of "Breaking Dawn" that actually has me excited about it.

...lunch at the local sandwich shop, complete with ice cream.

...a lovely, magical moment at the end of my walk on Monday, when I came across a lawn glittering in fireflies while two little rabbits grazed in the dusk under some trees.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home (for not much longer)
What I'm reading: (nothing)


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