"all my bags are packed..."

I definitely like packing for summer trips more than for winter trips.  Because in the summer?  I can fit two pairs of pants, two skirts, nine shirts, three pairs of sandals, one pair of sneakers, a swimsuit, a pair of pajamas, and plenty of undies - along with my cosmetics and toiletries, my hair dryer, and other items - in one small suitcase quite easily. 

Add a backpack and camera bag, and I'm ready to go on vacation!  I even have Bear along for the ride - so stay tuned for a documentary of his trip when we return.

(Oh, that blue tote box?  That's stuff for my layover at Mom & Dad's before and after our trip.  Because I'm organized like that, and because I didn't want to fool with packing up toiletries at 5 am.)

Something else to stay tuned for?  My experience with my new camera tote.  From a packing perspective, I'm already thrilled with it - look at how neatly everything fits in there!  Can't wait to see how it does while I'm traveling.

"No, Gru-kitty, I can't take you with me.  But thanks for lying on my clothes to make sure I carry some cat hair with me."  This was the only sad part of my trip preparations - because he definitely seems to know I'm going away, and I am sad that I won't get to cuddle with him for a while.

Where I am: en route to Cuba!


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