when delicious marries delicious

When I first got my copy of this amazing cookbook, I had no idea where to start.  So many yummy-sounding treats, how to pick one?!  Then, Wildcat Guy and I were talking about food and the idea of french toast came up...a-ha!  Because I had definitely tabbed a recipe for baked coffee cake french toast.

Aaaannd...it would allow me to use my cast iron skillet (that Wildcat Guy bought me for my birthday eight months ago!) for the very first time.

Eggs, milk, buttermilk, sugar, vanilla...this sounds mouth-watering already!

The recipe called for stale bread...but bread never really sticks around my apartment long enough to go stale...so I bought a loaf of thick, homestyle white bread...because that sounded like the perfect base for any french toast, but especially french toast that also has coffee cake involved.

Yes, coffee cake.  Delightfully crumby coffee cake topping that involves brown sugar, cinnamon and butter.  As Joy so eloquently put it in her recipe intro, "I swear, coffee cake and french toast were destined to be together."  I can agree with that!  This is the perfect marriage of flavors.

I couldn't resist getting Wildcat Guy to take a picture of me holding my very first cast-iron skillet creation.  (And by creation, I mean recipe that I cooked...not recipe that I made up.  Because I'm definitely not in the "make my own recipe" category.)

Add a dash of powdered sugar and some slices of bacon, and this deliciousness is ready to eat!  Something I really (really) liked about this recipe is how un-eggy it tasted.  Yes, there's a creamy, custardy texture, but the flavor isn't so eggy that it distracts from the rest of the fabulous flavors.  And it's moist enough that we didn't even add any maple syrup...we just relished every bite in its sugary, plain goodness.

But note to self - this is better made for a group, not just two people...unless you're interested in lots of leftovers.  Because as wonderfully delicious as this is, three or four days of it is, actually, a bit much for me.  (What?  A girl can only eat so much sugar.)

So who wants to visit and help me eat the next batch??

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