two-page tuesday

The first project for the day was an important one - a birthday card for a friend.  But I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do.

So I pulled out a folder full of birthday products to see what might inspire me.

This was the result.  Looks pretty festive and celebratory to me...and it's always nice to use up products I have on hand.

And in my continuing effort to get the album of Baker Blonde's wedding done in what looks like the very near future (fingers crossed!), I made this lovely page.  I'd actually had the supplies for quite a while, so it was a matter of designing the layout and putting it altogether. And I really like how that happened!

The only thing I didn't love about the layout was the fact that the title is not as visible as I would have liked once the page was put in the album.  Which is frustrating, since that was the whole reason I designed the album with tiered pages...but oh well.  It was make the title visible, or preserve the look of the page.

My last project of the night was using these super-fun alphabet stickers... create the title for my "Week in the Life 2010" layout.  I had been looking and looking for just the right alphabet stickers, so when I found these, I was happy.

I was also proud of myself for creating a neat little solution to the challenge of getting the Y to fit where I wanted it, but still be able to open the flap to read the journaling underneath.

I cut the letter in half, put the top half in line with the rest of the letters, and placed the bottom half actually onto the flap.  Okay, not rocket science...but I was pleased I came up with it.

And the soundtrack tonight?  Some old-school Christina Aguilera.  And yes, there may have been some dancing in my chair.  In.  Not on.

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What I'm reading: Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano


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