torn out: from smithsonian

(While the image on the cover wasn't too thrilling, I enjoyed a lot of the articles in this issue - even the feature article on a prehistoric snake whose remains have been found in South America!)
(This photo gave me a great idea for modifying an idea I have for our wedding portraits.)

(After just reading Dean Koontz's book 77 Shadow Street, this brief feature about the transhumanist movement was an interesting follow-up.)

(I really enjoyed this article about tiger conservation efforts, especially the willingness to embrace innovation to help solve a long-standing problem.)
(Such a neat mosaic of different tigers, whose stripes are unique like fingerprints.)
(So cool!  This museum's design is intriguing enough on its own; adding a light display just sounds like pure fun.)
 (I both really like and really dislike each issue's highlights of artifacts and exhibits in the various museums.  Like because it's so neat that there are museums keeping track of these things, and dislike because it makes me wish I lived closer to DC.  How awesome it would be to read an issue, see something I like and just stop by that weekend to see it?!)

(This quote from baseball player Roberto Clemente was pretty thought-provoking.)

source: the April 2009 issue of Smithsonian

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