torn out: from in style

(I thought the tagline on this jewelry ad was lovely.  The ring, just eh.)

(Nutella tiramisu?  Yes, I would love to try that.)

(This whole look is absolutely fun.  I would wear the shirt untucked - because my figure is different from Jessica Alba's - and the shoes remind me why I'm happy there's not an Aldo nearby.)

(Really??  Leopard-print chef's knives?  I can't help wondering how Wildcat Guy would feel about finding these in the knife block.)

(This comparative picture is the perfect example of why I skipped one movie in favor of the other which comes out in a couple of weeks.  Charlize Theron's Evil Queen looks, well, so evil and sinister. Every preview I see for this film makes me want to see it more and more.)

(Even though I'm not a runner, I found this ad for athletic wear inspiring.)

(Given my feelings about Greek yogurt, I don't see myself trying this any time soon...but I thought the ad was neat and the tagline at the bottom funny.)

(This looks like a stunning swimsuit!  I wonder how well its style would do in combining the "hiding a tummy" features with "supporting a full bust" at the same time.)

(What a simple, insightful bit of wisdom from cover girl Cameron Diaz!)

(Speaking of stores I'm relieved not to have nearby, these drawers from The Container Store are so fun and colorful!  Just think of all the organizing I could do...)

Source: the May 2012 issue of InStyle magazine (With apologies for the muted lighting.  I was reading the magazine while I was relaxing on the back lawn in the shade

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