this week was good because of...

...Gru beseeching Wildcat Guy for attention. ("Please, Dad - could you please scratch behind my ears just a little bit more??")

...the fully-evolved realization that my priority list needs to be updated and adjusted; and the decision to use this summer to better manage them.

...late-night cinnamon rolls. in-studio performance of a lovely song by one of my favorite bands on this morning's country countdown.

...this great article highlighting the importance of a work-life balance, and the gratitude of working in an office (and an institution) that provides flexibility in my day-to-day hours.

...a safe, fun, interesting trip to Ohio for the weekend.

...being able to help out a dear friend.

...good conversations - whether late at night or mid-afternoon - with that same dear friend.

...the artichoke sub (with turkey added) at Penn Station.

...a (mostly) successful experience sitting for two of my favorite kids.

...feeling like I did the right things right, especially in a few very difficult sibling-dispute moments.

...the awesomeness of fort-building for an afternoon.

...a darling little five-year old girl reminding me that, no matter how big Clifford is, God is bigger. adorable my fluffy kitty is.

...having a wonderful student who looks forward to caring for Gru.

...feeling good about the progress and direction the Board I lead is going in.

...vanilla donuts with a vanilla glaze. (more on this to come!)

...deciding that I'm a Type A-minus personality.

...the sweet joyful pride of seeing Wildcat Guy open up and actively participate in our weekly small-group discussions.

...letting myself try on shoes at Target.

...showing restraint and only buying one pair (for now).

...a bank that is an extra-vigilant quick responder to potentially fraudulent charges on my debit card. (Going through the small hassle of getting a new debit card is never fun - but I am very thankful my bank's cardholder security branch recognized that purchases like jewelry in Indiana and a hotel stay in Tennessee were not mine.) webcasts of church services, which meant I got to see a friend be baptized.

...getting my state tax refund (which, conveniently covers my registration fee for a summer scrapbooking workshop).

...stopping on an afternoon walk to watch the piggies at the farm.

...beautiful, mild weather that makes walks even better.

...this awesome quote that a friend shared on Facebook: "A good leader inspires others with confidence in him [or her]; a great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves."

What made your week good?

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Catt Larson said…
Mostly successful babysitting? This sounds like a good story!
Lee said…
I was babysitting for a five-year old and seven-year old...of course there's a good story! =) But for now, let's just say that I got lots of experience mediating sibling conflict.

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