my life: my life

Without my awesome Moleskine planner, my life?  Would be a mess.  Although I have certain meetings that happen regularly, the majority of my work responsibilities changes from week to week; and my planner is the one tool that helps me manage everything.  Not just for work, but in life, as well. 

Having a planner also helps me remind myself that it's okay sometimes to let go and not plan quite as much.  I recently noticed that, even when I have a day with nothing planned, my brain kicks into "What are you doing today?  Where do you need to be when?" mode as soon as I wake up...but that big open space on a particular day (especially on Saturdays) is more and more serving as my reminder that going with the flow can, occasionally, be good for me.

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Pilgrimage by Annie Leibovitz


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