torn out: from smithsonian

(Ahh, the 100th anniversary issue! But I was a bit flummoxed by mention inside of the cruise ship that's taking a commemorative trip retracing the Titanic's route. Really??)

(The quote at the end of her bio is perfect.)

(This design - part of the vision for the National Museum of African American History and Culture - is lovely.)

(There's an actual man to whom the credit is given for creating the phrase "paradigm shift." That is crazy cool.)

(With Mom and Dad all set to become beekeepers - we're counting down the days! - it was interesting to read this article about bee behavior and physical communication.)

(Any guesses what this is???) *

(I always enjoy reading random details in this magazine, such as what makes this bird's feathers blue - it has to do with water being replaced by air when the cells in the feather die.)

(The feature on up-and-coming photographers was amazing. I thought this picture by Jonathan Smith was stunning.)

(This photo by Farzana Wahidy is quite touching. It made me wonder what life and culture will be like for this little girl when she gets to be her mother's age.)

(But my favorite photo in the series? This one by Chris Linder. There is so much personality in this photo!)

(I really liked this ad on the back cover.)

(Yes, I've had this issue sitting in the magazine basket for a while. At least I finally read it, right?)

(I really liked this. I wish more people would stop demonizing sharks.)

(This was a lovely photo. How neat to see all those horseshoe crabs in one place?!)

(Now that's a long flight! This article was a thought-provoking reminder about the interconnectedness of nature.)

(I look at this sculpture and see a bunch of figures. But apparently, an art historian looked at this sculpture and theorized that not one, but two artists had actually worked on it. That is why he's an art historian.)

Source: March 2012 and October 2009 issues of Smithsonian

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* It's a dyed cross-section of a mouse eye. Super neat.


Catt Larson said…
beekeepers? For real? Bring me some honey!
Lee said…
Yes, beekeepers. Mom took a class and everything. They have their own little hive in the back yard now! It will be next year, she said, before there's any honey - but I'll definitely do some importing for you. =)

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