this week was good because of...

...unseasonably warm weather all week, perfect for sundresses and sandals.

...seeing the trees across campus in full bloom.

...letting myself be a little bit lazy this afternoon.

...spending time at the Kentucky Horse Park with Mom.

...a pretty quiet week at work, and the stuff I got done while the students were gone for Spring Break. unusual, but well-done movie.

...honey-balsamic carrots (which go well with a simple skillet-cooked steak and a baked potato).

...remembering that some things aren't worth fussing about.

...three days of exercise in a row. (Four, if you count the manual labor I did on Friday...which I am.)

...trying a different type of yoga - that I liked, but need to practice.

...Gru's meditation with his toy snake.

...conversations that are awkward, genuine and worthwhile.

...going to church with Wildcat Guy.

...a beautiful line of Easter cards by a designer I really like.

...the last day of my visit with dear friends.

...watching the gate attendant at ILM greet every. single. passenger coming off the plane with a cheerful, friendly "good afternoon."

...a new dress that is both comfortable and pretty (even if the picture doesn't look too flattering). idea for keeping apples fresh that I can't wait to try.

...the opportunity to lend a hand. awesome article about 10 actions that contribute to a healthy marriage.

...using the pedicure gift certificate that Wildcat Guy gave me at Valentine's Day.

...Paula Deen's recipe for breakfast casserole.

...the compliment in Wildcat Guy's comment that it tastes like his mom's.

...window shopping for shoes. (With only nineteen months until the wedding, the search for the perfect bridal shoes is on.)

...a friend who appreciates pictures of fabulous shoes.

What made your week good?

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