this week was good because of...

...meeting Wildcat Nephew.

...a day trip to visit Wildcat Guy's mom, sister and brother-in-law, too.

...picking out baby names (you know...for whenever we get around to having little bears).

...surviving Friday's severe weather (in which 49 of the 120 counties in the state were under tornado watch).

...this daily reminder that what looks easy to some looks incredibly difficult to others.

...making it to the hair salon after about five months without a haircut. (Boy, was it time!)

...these delightful chocolate butterscotch candies from IKEA.

...taking time to be real and genuine and compassionate with my students.

...a good movie on date night.

...a day at the Market with Mom and Dad.

...finding out that Wildcat Guy and I have a mutual love for this movie...which is even more amusing since the lead actor reminds me of him.

...a valuable reminder of the ease of eating healthily.

...delicious hamburgers for dinner.

...fine-tip ink pens (and the far more attractive writing they provide than the medium-tips).

...finally (!) getting the coolant leaks in my truck completely fixed.

...cookies arriving!

...a hilarious (and accurate) spoof on the Real Housewives series.

...this super cute photo checklist (which I won't be completing, but enjoyed browsing through nonetheless).

...a pudding parfait breakfast that wasn't the healthiest choice, but certainly tasted yummy.

...watching an old favorite movie.

...a square of fudge from a student who asked for a last-minute letter of recommendation.

...being described as "that one sweet lady" from a project team I work on (apparently a contrast to the other not-as-sweet people on the team?). interesting reflection on the difference between leadership and control.

What made your week good?

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