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(Jennifer Garner on the cover? Love. I really like her - as a person and an actress - so it's fun to see her featured in a magazine.)

(Ahh, Christian Louboutin shoes. One day - some day - I will own a pair of these red-soled beauties.)

(But who knew that the red sole wasn't planned??)

(Speaking of shoes - I think these are fabulous! The little stripe of blue at the bottom is a great accent.)

(Disney cruises to Alaska? That sounds like a great combination of two things I have on my "want to do" list.)

(Another person I love to see featured? Faith Hill. And this fun, crazy, super-full hairstyle is awesome.)

(Seeing all of these pictures of Katie Holmes through the years makes me realize how infrequently you see her really smile these days. Unusual.)

(This quote is so poignant. Getting happiness seems so easy, and yet remembering to make the effort to keep it seems so hard sometimes, doesn't it?)

(I'm usually pretty good at understanding advertisements...but no matter how many times I look at this, I can.not make sense of it.)

(This tea that Hillary Scott mentions sounds interesting - I may have to give it a try.)

(This dress is gorgeous! The detail and the beading are so stunning.)

(I was amused by the label, "Wild-card pairing," for the combination of purple and yellow, which are my fraternity's colors. Who knew we were trendsetters?!)

(So according to Brad - the stylist whose last name I never remember - red pumps are something every woman should have. Check!)

(Eek! I could never wear these shoes - the stiletto is entirely too narrow.)

(This moonstone bracelet is lovely - the web of stones would look nice around my wrist.)

(In college and for a while after, Heavenly was my favorite perfume. Never knew it had vanilla in it, but that explains why I liked it so much!)

(When it's time for me to be pregnant, I hope I can look even half as beautiful and stylish. I realize she looks like this because she's doing a photo shoot - still, though.)

(Yet another reason to thank Wildcat Guy for the flowers he brings me all the time!)

(This teal desk and the wall of shelves are awesome. Don't know why I like teal and turquoise as decorating colors so much...this desk makes a wonderful statement piece, though, doesn't it?)

Source: January and February 2012 issues of InStyle


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