cele-bear-ating memories

As I referenced yesterday, Bear came with me on Saturday to Creative Memories' Memory Celebration event. It was absolutely wonderful! Not only was the weekend away just what I needed, but also I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to spend eleven hours scrapbooking.

And of course, the best part of a day scrapbooking is being able to see all the pages (20!) that I got completed! My main focus this weekend was the album I have of all the weddings I've been to.

It was sweet to see all these pictures from friends' and colleagues' wedding celebrations and remember how much love and joy these days held!

Of course, as someone planning a wedding myself, it's also fun to see so many different wedding details and choices assembled. It generated a lot of ideas and preferences of what I think Wildcat Guy and I could do.

I have to admit, as much as I love my "normal" scrapbooking method, I really like the super-simple approach I use in this wedding album.

This was possibly my favorite page of the set - and I didn't even make it to the wedding!

I even got some other non-weddings pages put together, including this adorable layout featuring two of my favorite kids. (And yes, it includes pictures from last year's scrapbook event. That's normal, right?)

Cupid Shuffle, anyone? The one thing that amuses me about these large-scale events is the spirit element. While I appreciate the purpose, I'm always content to sit and continue scrapbooking. (Plus, to be honest, something feels just a bit awkward about seeing women my mom's age doing a dance I learned in a New Orleans night club.)

But of everything that I did on Saturday, I don't think any of it was quite as exciting to Wildcat Guy as the paper and stickers I bought on Friday.

And as wonderful as it was to get so much scrapbooking done, it felt equally rewarding to unpack and put everything away tonight, including reorganizing the stacks of stuff I have to scrapbook into the perfect plastic cases that I purchased last week.

Oh, the things that make my scrapbooker's heart happy.

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