this week was good because of... snuggle time on the couch.

...colleagues who listen, support and empathize with difficult moments (and difficult students).

...a simple bouquet of tulips from the grocery store.

...the unusual and surreal moment of hearing the "first dance" song from my previous wedding on the radio and listening to my present fiance singing along. On what would have been the tenth anniversary of that wedding. You know - one of those moments when I don't know whether to laugh or grimace. I chose to laugh - a little - and change the station.

...paying off a bet to Wildcat Guy with his Mamaw's chocolate cake.

...a hilarious way to discourage cell phone use at meals and gatherings.

...a delightful swirl in the saucepan while making the frosting for the cake.

...participating in design planning meetings for our new campus residence hall.

...the opportunity to go for an evening walk with colleagues.

...crafting a reasonable exercise plan for the semester.

...another recipe for stir-fry.

...a fun lunchtime conversation about online dating.

...a light overnight snow.

...making good and wi$e decisions at the grocery store.

...indulging my craving for ice cream.

...having more fun incorporating my new boots into my wardrobe.

...a thought-provoking article that I don't entirely agree with, but appreciate for the perspective of, "sin is sin."

...the hearty, satisfying parmesan bistecca at Olive Garden before catching a movie. my flight to North Carolina to spend time with dear friends.

...a successful attempt at making a home-brewed chai latte.

...the lingering amusement that I learned how to do this from the friend who swears I taught her.

...a beautiful, enormous arrangement of lilies at the grocery store.

...finally starting to read The Hunger Games trilogy.

...lots of reading time this week.

...the awesome "ninja-bread" cookies that one of my student staff baked for her residents and fellow staff members.

...the luxury of giving in to the "a nap sounds so delightful right now" feelings on a Saturday afternoon.

...the lovely "thank you" cookies that were delivered anonymously to my desk on Friday. opportunity to participate in meet-and-greet's for candidates on campus.

...super-easy homemade chicken pot pie.

...the way he lets me go on and on about things I find exciting or ridiculous.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


Catt Larson said…
First dance song story - so bizarre!
Did re-booking your flight cost you a fee? You were supposed to let me know.
Anonymous cookies? I like that
Catt Larson said…
Oh, and I love the cell phone idea at dinner. Janet and Reid are the worst ironically about picking up the phone when it rings

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