this week was good because of...

...Gru's new desire to be a lap cat. Or maybe a laptop cat. One of the two. Or both.

...the look of bewilderment on Wildcat Guy's face when I identified a movie starting on TV from nothing more than the opening shot of the studio logo and the first few bars of music.

...the dissipation of my organizational anxiety when my 2012 planner arrived in Tuesday morning's mail. Phew!

...finally having all of my appointments, meetings, events and activities in one record - because I am apparently very bad at keeping track of everything if it's not all in one place.

...realizing as I finished my 2011 planner that the year started and ended with my dear friends in Michigan.

...a wonderfully fun two-night game of Disney Monopoly with Wildcat Guy.

...pride in the goals and objectives a colleague and I have outlined for our work this semester (and beyond).

...the awesome chef's knives my Grandpa gave me for Christmas.

...discovering two fantastic blogs - one practical, one over-the-top entertaining.

...making it home safely from a flurry-filled Monday afternoon of errands.

...listening to the little whisper in my mind saying, "hanging out at the coffee shop for a couple of hours is probably not a good idea." (Because I found out later from Wildcat Guy that, had I gone to the coffee shop and come home when I'd originally planned, I would have risked either being in an accident because of road conditions, or being stuck in the traffic jams caused by the 9 different accidents he heard about on the road home.) homemade version of "coffeeshop time" that was equally productive and rewarding.

...the end-of-week warm spell that prompted me to open the bedroom window.

...simple, fun new door decs for my student staff to celebrate the start of the Spring semester.

...listening to the building come back to life as the students return from their winter break.

...a well-done article with this impressive reminder: "God goes comfortably into whatever arena of your life you wish to take Him"

...wearing the stylish, comfortable new flat boots that I bought while in Michigan.

...a thought-provoking special challenge on TV. evening walk with a couple of colleagues.

...a lovely lemon cake for one of my student staff for her birthday.

...Wildcat Guy's hug and care making a bad day better. Dinner out (complete with a shared hot fudge sundae for dessert) was also nice.

...letting myself have that bad day.

...committing myself to a home yoga practice.

...the satisfaction of practicing, if only for thirty minutes.

...Gru's entertaining insistence on "participating" in my yoga practice.

...great "first meetings of the semester" with various groupings of my student staff.

...stumbling across a musical duo that is, quite simply, phenomenal and creative.

...setting intentions for 2012 with Wildcat Guy, using these awesome little cards.

...ideas and inspiration for documenting not only our intentions, but also our success at fulfilling them.

...chili-dog fries. Which might sound odd, but was a great mingling of chili fries and chili dogs (with the added bonus of eliminating the extra bread of the hot dog buns).

...making further progress in my house-cleaning and -reorganizing efforts.

...catching up a bit on all the photos that need to be edited and uploaded.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: The Serpent Handlers (almost done!)


jhansen said…
Just wondering where you got those neat little intention cards you and Wild Cat guy used. They look cool but I couldn't see the questions. Thanks!
Lee said…
Here's a link to the site where I got the cards -

There are a few other pieces in the download that we didn't use, but that seem just as neat. =)

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