this week was good because of...

...our third Christmas celebration (with my family). family's flexibility with his and our schedules.

...the cats being amused and entertained by the train around the tree.

...perfect Christmas gifts from my family.

...quiet time in the craft studio while Mom sewed.

...the perk of having the week between Christmas and New Year's off.

...great balcony seats for a delightful holiday performance.

...a really nice "girls' night out" with Mom.

...our Santa hats on our pumpkins.

...moments that reinforce my belief that animals (i.e. Gru) are smarter than we give them credit for - and possibly have a sense of humor, too. (He's only allowed to sit on the blue duvet, not the sheets...but he's literally toeing the line.)

...taking a road trip with my favorite travel partner.

...chocolate-chip muffins for breakfast.

...spending a few laidback days with two dear friends.

...sit-down breakfasts and eating out for dinners.

...the adorableness of our friends' doggie, Sparky.

...the simple pleasure of having a girlfriend to run errands with.

...their lovely new house, decorated beautifully in her (their?) signature style of comfortable, eclectic vintage. well Wildcat Guy gets along with my friends, and how much laughing the four of us did.

...the three of us entertaining Wildcat Guy with our rocking out in the car to an old-school classic.

...a day at the Henry Ford with Wildcat Guy.

...the interesting feeling of playing semi-tour guide for Wildcat Guy in a place I'm still growing to love myself.

...a low-key NYE at home with my kitty.

...Beyonce's gorgeous, stunning video performance that played just after midnight.

...a sweet e-card from Mom and Dad.

...pausing to give thanks for a wonderful 2011, and to pray for an equally amazing 2012.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: The Serpent Handlers by Fred Brown and Jeanne McDonald


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