torn out: from in style

(I absolutely love this ad! There is so much romance and serenity and elegance in this image.)

(Want. These. Shoes.)

(In response to the question on the left, my answer would be - "Yes. Three.")

(When I read the question in the top left, I thought of my friend Catt, who has possibly the most entertaining re-gifting story I've ever heard.)

(A piece - however short - about Ryan Gosling is always a good piece to read and see.)

(How amusing that red and peacock blue are considered a "wildcard pairing." I enjoy mixing those two colors all the time!)

(This was such a sweet ad for the St. Jude's Christmas products.)

(Speaking of gift guides...)

(I would have been satisfied with any of these gift boxes in my stocking.)

(Awesome idea #1 - the t-shirt with the silk-screened camera image. Awesome idea #2 - duct tape designed to look like a road.)

(Awesome idea #3 - samurai and geisha bento boxes.)

(Awesome idea #4 - the super-fun iPad stand. Not so awesome idea - crayons that look like a candy necklace. Because yes - I would forget they were crayons.)

(The feature on Amy Adams was really nicely done, with gorgeous photos of her.)

(I particularly liked her comment about being in a relationship "where we both felt lucky." Amen to that!)

(I can't decide whether Mark Ruffalo looks rugged or villainous in this photo.)

(If I ever have a window for a wall, I want to do this.)

(Personally, I don't see the big deal about double-dipping - when it's a party of family or friends, at least. But this is a creative approach to individual servings.)

Source: December 2011 issue of InStyle


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