this week was good because of... a holiday dinner for my staff.

...the exuberant joy and care my staff members have - for each other and for their work.

...putting together a wonderful menu of old and new recipes from multiple cookbooks.

...the realization that glazed carrots are entirely too easy to make.

...Wildcat Guy's help purchasing a Honey-Baked Ham.

...the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth potatoes gratin I've ever had. (And I made them!)

...his willingness to be my sous chef.

...planning well enough that the only leftovers were some ham and some pie.

...listening to the Christmas mix CD a friend gave me a few years back while I cooked.

...the magical way that music soothes my soul and lightens my spirit.

...ginger pound cupcakes with ginger frosting.

...Wildcat Guy's patient amusement while I photographed his cupcake, especially after I asked him, "Do you want sprinkles on your cupcake? I hope so, because I need to put some on there to help me get a better picture."

...Gru trying to hide from the vacuum cleaner under the low sofa in the guest room. If he'd only had just a bit more room.

...sharing a laugh with my colleagues after our director (who's in his late 50's) used the phrase "OMG" in conversation.

...the really great plastic-free packaging that The Body Shop uses for their shipping.

...finding coupons online just by doing a Google search.

...getting a batch of Christmas cards made this afternoon.

...some progress on my Christmas shopping list.

...staving off a potential Christmas gift mishap.

...a big mug of miso soup at lunch.

...the peacefulness of an empty building.

...the almost explosive bloom that one of the flowers in my bouquet from Wildcat Guy has experienced.

...going easy on myself in yoga class this week.

...eating the last of the pumpkin pie straight from the dish.

...the interesting balance my colleagues and I have between thriving on our work with the students and being happy to see them leave for the break.

...a sweet and simple little gift from one of my staff members.

...letting myself be okay with a very basic, no-frills approach to Christmas this year.

...picking out this year's Christmas ornament. (And if you can't tell, the polar bear is holding a camera.)

...putting up the Christmas wreath (my space-saving alternative to a tree).

...a plane ticket for a January trip to North Carolina.

...finding out that the funky song from J'adore's TV commercial is an actual song. Sweet!

...the grace, wisdom and humility to apologize when I make mistakes.

...finding a Gru-sitter for our trip to Michigan.

...a pumpkin spice chai latte from the local coffee shop to start my Monday.

...surviving what turned out to be an extremely hectic week of long days and not much sleep.

What made your week good?

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