two-page tuesday: finishing up holidays

Tonight I finished up some holiday pages. First was the final touches on the "32nd Birthday" page that I started at a crop in September. This was a fun page to put together, cutting up cards to create an eclectic collage of birthday wishes from that day!

Then it was time to finish up my December Daily 2010 album. Because I am embarrassed to admit that, while I'd had about 85-90% of this album done months ago, I'd never gotten back to completing that last 10-15%. Bleh. And with December Daily 2011 looming just around the corner!

I added last details to various pages, using up little trims and stickers and ephemera I had compiled from my (relatively extensive) stash...

...and filled in journaling for the day-by-day assortment of holiday memories. Such a lovely jaunt down memory lane, especially since last December was full of so many first's and wow's!

And now...I'm so pleased to say that the album is done. 100%! The album's design was a bit different for me, but I'm really happy with how it turned out and am looking forward to adding it to my December Daily collection.

Gru thought we should celebrate with some belly rubs. That, or a physical request for belly rubs was his way of saying, "why are you using your hands to scrapbook when they could be buried in my furry belly??"

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