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(I always enjoy hearing about new blogs...)

( it was fun to find another cooking blog. Not that I need another cooking blog to read, but this one looks interesting.)

(Based on the options they show, I think I'd rather have the one major investment piece. Their assortment of "quick-hit items" seems so random.)

(Hmm. The idea of these has intrigued me. Because it is pretty annoying trying to fit a pair of socks over my tights without the tights pulling my toes in too tightly.)

(I used to say, "footed pajamas." Until those became widely available. I know there are other things, but darn if I can think of them.)

(As much as I like TreSemme's hair products, I need to try these dry shampoos.)

(I always like InStyle's photo features from the film festivals. It's neat to see the portraits - some funny, some sweet, some serious - of different stars with castmates from new or forthcoming films.)

(What a lovely group of women to find in one film that sounds like it will be quite fun to watch!)

(I would like to say that I only took this picture for a friend of mine who's a big fan of Kellan Lutz. But that would be lying. Who wouldn't like a view of those abs?!)

(This outfit is amazing!! Not sure if I have the figure or the attitude to pull it off...but I'm thinking about trying it.)

(Such a cool concept! And I really like that they're made of bamboo, not plastic.)

(Another website I was interested to hear about - Definitely going to have to check that out!)

(Such a gorgeous photo of Gwen Stefani!)

(I always enjoy reading about her, and particularly liked this quote about her exercise habits.)

(Hilarious! They did a fashion feature with Miss Piggy as their model - so cute.)

(They even had shoes for her. Leopard-print platforms - I like her taste.)

(With a fiance who loves sweet potatoes, I just might have to try this.)

Source: November 2011 issue of InStyle

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