this week was good because of...

...our Thanksgiving celebration with his family.

...finding out that his younger sister enjoys watching the National Dog Show, too.

...the traditional Thanksgiving feast Wildcat Mom prepared, with ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and broccoli casserole.

...finding my balance in the energy and noise of his family.

...our laidback Thanksgiving celebration with my family. easily he fits in with my family.

...the "everyone had Thanksgiving food on Thursday, so let's do something different for the dinner we're calling 'Thanksgiving' " steak dinner my Mom prepared.

...confirming preliminary wedding plans with Mom and Dad.

...light purple poinsettias. Who knew?!

...watching Paula Deen deep-fry cheesecake on one of her cooking shows.

...a relatively quiet Saturday after two busy days of Thanksgiving celebrations.

...Wildcat Guy's team breaking the 26-year losing streak against their biggest rival.

...the striking lyrics to a song I heard on Pandora.

...the love and care that permeates even our most difficult conversations.

...all the baking I got to do this week - which also meant very happy taste buds. uncrowded, unstressful visit to the grocery store on Wednesday morning.

...colleagues who are joining me in the "let's bring treats to the office to share" venture. Because homemade apple pie on the last day of work before the Thanksgiving break was delightful!

...Gru's company throughout the week.

...wisdom and patience during a campus emergency, and appreciation for the outpouring of love and concern from former students throughout that experience.

...a calming, comforting worship song at church this morning.

...a twist-open wine bottle.

...the main thoroughfare of campus lined with Christmas light-strewn trees.

...completing a scrapbook page about something very fun (i.e. my first attempt at making a king cake).

...having (making?) so much time this week to scrapbook and to work on reorganizing supplies.

...also, completing a scrapbook page about something very difficult (i.e. Dorian's passing).

...Wildcat Guy's willingness to let me include his (written) voice in my scrapbooking.

...a new tradition of writing down what we are thankful for (to include in the pages I'll make for each year's Thanksgiving celebrations). Thanks to a dear friend for the inspiration!

What made your week good?

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